Report: Cowboys VP of Player Personnel Will McClay to stay despite interest from other teams

This has been quite the week for the Dallas Cowboys.

With staff changes happening all across the NFL they have seen two of the most important members of their staff garner interest from other teams. Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn has been requested to interview for various head coaching positions, and while he has not technically been requested to interview for this one specifically, it feels inevitable that he will wind up taking that position with the Seattle Seahawks.

On top of Quinn, the Cowboys have seen Will McClay field requests from other teams to interview for general manager and/or head of football operations positions. Defining McClay’s role with the Cowboys can be tricky, he is technically the Vice President of Player Personnel but he is effectively the General Manager. But these are Jerry Jones’ Cowboys after all.

Whatever and however you want to slice this pie (shout out to another staffer in Stephen Jones), McClay’s portion is not going anywhere. It was reported on Friday by ESPN’s Todd Archer that McClay will not interview with any teams and that he is staying put.

Cowboys fans are well-accustomed to the threat of McClay’s departure this time of year, but they also have nothing but experience of things ending up like this. Teams are interested in Will McClay and almost with the wave of a hand (likely one above a checkbook, so to speak) things remain in place.

McClay is an integral part of how the Cowboys build their team and given how successful they have been as of late retaining him is of highest importance every offseason. While we are not in the offseason yet, and hopefully will not be for a month and a half or so, it is great to see that one potential worry will not be one at all.


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