Report: Dallas Cowboys expect Dan Quinn to return if not hired as head coach by other team

The Dallas Cowboys are focused on 2024. This is the case because they were utterly humiliated in the first round of the playoffs by the Green Bay Packers. It remains frustrating.

As this is the case,many fans want to see the team make some sort of move before another campaign fully begins. We found out on Wednesday evening that this will not happen at the head coaching position as the team formally announced the return of Mike McCarthy.

The only other significant change that Dallas could make at this point would be an alteration of who their defensive coordinator is. We recently discussed how interesting of a situation it would be if Dan Quinn does not get a head coaching offer and at the moment the odds of that are truly unknown, although he is interviewing with five different teams.

Thursday morning we received some more news. Apparently if Dan Quinn does not get an offer to be another team’s head coach the Cowboys expect him back.

Dan Quinn has overseen an incredible defense in his three years with the team, but they collapsed down the stretch of the season and have generally been significantly outplayed by Kyle Shanahan and the members of his tree. It feels like we have seen Quinn’s peak.

But the Cowboys appear to believe that continuity is what is the best thing for this group as a whole. We will see if someone else takes Dan Quinn off of their hands, but if everyone else saw what we did on Sunday then the odds feel a bit low.


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