Report: Detroit Lions, Jared Goff expected to beat Cowboys, Dak Prescott to contract extension

The reality of the situation is what it is. We have talked many times about markets, the law of supply and demand and how all of this is relevant to contract talks in the NFL with notable players at notable positions. There is no need to re-litigate it all.

This is true because by now you are either Team Dak or Team Let Dak Walk as far as quarterback Dak Prescott is concerned. Given that Dak is at the moment set to enter the final year of his contract with the Dallas Cowboys, we have seen ourselves swing back and forth, round and round in all sorts of directions when discussing what should or should not happen.

Obviously what matters most in this equation is how the Dallas Cowboys feel and if they are intending to negotiate a new deal with Prescott in the (what would have to be) short-term future, then the reality of that specific situation is that doing so at the lowest possible price would be best for the team, right?

They are in danger of watching the market rise, though. Again.

It seems like the Detroit Lions and Jared Goff are going to beat the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott to the negotiating table

The Cowboys very infamously beat the Detroit Lions in the penultimate week of the regular season last year, but ultimately Detroit got farther in the playoffs and put an end to all conversations about a drought relative to NFC Championship Game appearances before America’s Team did. Some would say the Cowboys won the battle but that the Lions won the war.

If that is true then the Lions seem on the verge of claiming victory in the peace treaty that follows or whatever the rest of this analogy should suggest. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler noted on Sunday on SportsCenter that he and the team seem set to come to terms on a contract extension before the Cowboys and Dak Prescott do.

As transcribed by Bleacher Report:

The Lions are on record that Jared Goff, signing him to an extension, is a ‘high priority’ so they are working on this. The feeling around the league from the people I’ve talked to is that Goff will be the next quarterback to score that megadeal. You’ve got Tua Tagovailoa in Miami, Trevor Lawrence in Jacksonville, some others like maybe Dak Prescott down the road but Goff and the Lions seem to be the closest. Nothing imminent right now but they insist this is something they’ve been talking about, and the Lions are committed to keeping their core together. Amon-Ra St. Brown, kept him on a huge four-year deal, right tackle Penei Sewell four-year deal, so Goff could be the next with a four-year deal. The market is pretty clear, though. You’re looking at $50-plus million for a lot of these quarterbacks per year. We’ll see how far the Lions are willing to go.

It is noted in the blurb here how the Lions took care of wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown which occurred right before the NFL Draft, incidentally the one that was held in Detroit. The Lions also locked tackle Penei Sewell into a long-term deal as well. But, you know, doing multiple massive deals in a single offseason is supposedly impossible.

The St. Brown deal undeniably elevated the price that Dallas will have to pay CeeDee Lamb whenever that time comes (they are reportedly not close there either).

As things relate to Goff and Prescott while there will be the obligatory “Goff has reached multiple NFC Championship Games!” takes, Prescott is by far the superior player. The likelihood of Goff reaching true record-setting numbers seems a bit rich, no pun intended, but what he gets will certainly in all likelihood impact the numbers that Prescott’s representatives present to the Cowboys. How could they not?

History shows that waiting in today’s day and age only sees the price go up.

This is a risky (and probably very expensive) game the Cowboys are playing.


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