This free agent wide receiver would be a good fit for the Dallas Cowboys

With the 2024 NFL Draft over, if the Dallas Cowboys hope to add to their roster before the start of the season, they will have to do so through free agency or a trade. They recently added RB Ezekiel Elliott in free agency, signing him to a one-year deal worth up to $3 million. If the Cowboys are looking to add more talent to their team, it would likely be around this price range.

The Cowboys could still use some help at the wide receiver position. As of now, their WR3 on the roster would likely be either Jalen Tolbert, Jalen Brooks, or rookie Ryan Flournoy. The team would be wise to look at a cost-efficient free agent who can provide a boost to the passing attack in week one. Fortunately for them, there is a wide receiver currently available who would mesh with Prescott quite well.

WR Hunter Renfrow is one of the better wide receivers who is currently not signed to a team. Renfrow was drafted by the Las Vegas Raiders in 2019 as a fifth-round pick after an impressive career with the Clemson Tigers. Renfrow was immediately able to provide the team with a reliable slot receiver option, as he contributed 1,261 receiving yards and six touchdowns on 105 receptions in his first two seasons with the team. His best year of his career came in 2021, when he caught 103 passes, totaled 1,038 receiving yards, and scored nine touchdowns.

Unfortunately, Renfrow’s production declined after the 2021 season, as he recorded a total of 61 receptions, 585 yards, and two touchdowns in the two seasons since then. He also missed seven games in the 2022 season due to injuries to his hamstring, ribs, and a concussion.

With that said, Renfrow is still just 28 years old, and would be the third-most decorated wide receiver on the Cowboys roster if they signed him. Renfrow spends a majority of his snaps in the slot position, playing 86.5% of his snaps there last season. While CeeDee Lamb does a lot of damage in the slot position as well, signing Renfrow could bring flexibility in receiving packages that could put Lamb on the outside and keep Renfrow inside. Renfrow could bring a element to the offense that they haven’t had since WR Cole Beasley. Beasley was very successful in Dak Prescott’s offense in 2016 when he had 833 receiving yards and five touchdowns, with a majority of it coming from the slot.


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