Trolling The Nation doubleheader: “Parsons is my favorite player to hate”

Second Quarter Eagles We might have the worst OC in the league ferventPundit1 | 17:05 EDT Eagles So, just when the running game gets going, we are going to call three passes. Chinacat Steve | 17:06 EDT Eagles They can’t even get a snap off in time. That’s crappy clock management by Hurts. He’s done this all season. nononono | 17:07 EDT Eagles He just broke his finger. phillyphanatic10 | 17:07 EDT Eagles When is the last time Hurts looked good throwing the ball? Tommy DeVito is more accurate. Kicks03 | 17:08 EDT Eagles Gainwell running at a high level..let’s throw 4 straight passes. SMDH….BJ really is that bad. BoilerGrad2005 | 17:08 EDT Eagles At some point we have to acknowledge that the fact we have a 4th year QB that seemingly can’t play under centre is an issue. mm556 | 17:09 EDT Eagles Nothing changes. same old trash. And im not buying it’s a player execution issue. It’s the coaches all day long NotoriousRKB | 17:09 EDT Eagles Hurts has gone from being one of the best in the NFL to one of the worst in short order. Kicks03 | 17:10 EDT Eagles They have zero to lose are literally blitzing every down. And we can’t hit a simple slant or quick pass to anyone lmao. What a joke this offense has become Jrball710 | 17:11 EDT Eagles It really is time to clean house on the coaching staff. I’ve seen enough. Hammertime2021 | 17:12 EDT (9:42) (Shotgun) S.Barkley left end for 2 yards, TOUCHDOWN
NYG 10 – PHI 0
Eagles Gee, the Giants can call a pass play to gain 4 yards, but we cannot. Chinacat Steve | 17:13 EDT They got a qb that throws the ball in under 4 seconds iNoms | 17:14 EDT Eagles When we blitz every receiver is wide open . When they blitz us hurts holds it for 4 Mississippi and launches deeep into double coverage. Make it make sense Jrball710 | 17:15 EDT Eagles Has a head coach been fired when his team was in the play offs? MNEagles436 | 17:15 EDT Eagles I can’t believe I cut short my nap to watch this Nectir | 17:16 EDT Eagles Sad to say but WAS deserves our playoff spot more jXn | 17:17 EDT Giants be a tougher out in playoffs than this team Phillypimpslapnu | 17:18 EDT Eagles This is like watching the family dog die slowly. Yes, you love your dog. And it’s going to be tough. But it’s best to have it put down. The suffering is too much to take. #12Fan4Life | 17:18 EDT Eagles Nick needs to go. I want a HC that actually makes a difference. MNEagles436 | 17:18 EDT Eagles Hurts must lead the league in throw away passes. Biecomp | 17:20 EDT Most of them aren’t really throw aways. He’s just so inaccurate, they look like throw aways. Some Kat | 17:23 EDT Eagles Time to accept hurts just isn’t very good. Will go down as an all time terrible contract Some Kat | 17:21 EDT Eagles Wink Martinale always blitzes on 3rd down. Why are we so unprepared?!??? goodzilla | 17:17 EDT Eagles So every team that plays the giants have plays against the blitz but us?? Juggy300 | 17:17 EDT Eagles It’s wild that Hurts doesn’t even look to see late blitzes coming at this point of his career. He needs to make an audible or just throw the ball early. Taking a sack is terrible. Breathe21 | 17:23 EDT (5:13) S.Barkley right end for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN
NYG 17 – PHI 0
Eagles Trash team. Sirianni is a fraud. He and Tommy Devito should go start a Hall of Shame for Italian American NFL players KW 82-87-91 | 17:24 EDT Eagles I guess there is a clause in Jalen’s contract to not audible when being blitzed. Eagles86 | 17:25 EDT Eagles Was not on the fire Sirianni bandwagon but if they lose to the Giants today he needs to go. This team is a mess BandK | 17:26 EDT Eagles What’s on Lifetime right now? Has to be more manly than the Eagles Ken Davis1 | 17:27 EDT Eagles Can we fire the coaching staff at halftime? Hammertime2021 | 17:28 EDT Why wait? Fly Like An Eagle | 17:28 EDT Eagles Something strange has to be going on. You don’t see collapses like this euphronius2 | 17:31 EDT Eagles The team is refusing to play on purpose. It’s a statement. Idk how many times I gotta say it. SwedishChef | 17:34 EDT Eagles 17 called passes for 29 net yards. 11 called runs for 70 yards. Last 10 plays were 9 passes, 1 run. Call more passes!!! gimmiedajuice | 17:35 EDT (1:53) T.Taylor pass short left to D.Slayton for 19 yards, TOUCHDOWN
NYG 24 – PHI 0
Eagles So it’s 10-53 in the last 2 halves of football.. YorkshirePudd | 17:41 EDT Wow….. I didn’t know that and I don’t think I wanted to RootForTheLaundry | 17:42 EDT (1:34) J.Hurts pass deep left intended for J.Jones INTERCEPTED Eagles That’s a pick Domonate | 17:42 EDT Eagles It was a pick, he got both feet down. HakunaMailata | 17:43 EDT Eagles Damn Nick, you turned our team into a laughing stock ToddSK | 17:43 EDT Eagles Nobody comes out unscathed. Don’t ever talk to me about what a genius GM Howie Roseann is, either. Charlie Custer | 17:43 EDT Eagles Howie needs to be fired giving hurts that contract and no trade clause. Underdog133 | 17:44 EDT Eagles I’m so embarrassed right now I’m gonna have to take off my Eagles cap and shirt. NoClearRecovery | 17:44 EDT Eagles Hurts literally cannot read a blitz. I’m dumbfounded. HakunaMailata | 17:44 EDT (1:05) M.Mariota pass short left intended for Q.Watkins INTERCEPTED Eagles Mariota introduces himself to the game with authority!! zeeterus | 17:48 EDT Eagles The Eagles opponent in the 1st round of the playoffs is going to slaughter this team. Ted C Gegi | 17:50 EDT Eagles The good news is that I don’t see how anyone ever hires Matt Patricia again! He’s done. NoClearRecovery | 17:52 EDT Eagles I was hesitant before but at this point, there is no way in heck Sirianni has any face to save after a colossal implosion like this. jXn | 17:53 EDT


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