X (formerly Twitter) reacts to all of the Cowboys’ action on Day 2 of the NFL draft

Trading down in the draft yesterday gave the Dallas Cowboys three picks for Day 2 of the NFL Draft, one in the second and two in the third. Follow along for all of the Twitter buzz surrounding all of the Cowboys action throughout the evening.

After waves of WRs and DBs were taken off of the board, Cowboys fans started to watch as some of their favorite players and projected Cowboys were starting to get picked ahead of Dallas’ 56th-pick.

Finally, the Cowboys are on the clock!

While most fans believed that the Cowboys would pick a LB, RB or trade back, the Cowboys decided to do something a bit more unexpected…

And with the 56th-overall pick, the Dallas Cowboys select DE Marshawn Kneeland!

Learn more about the second-round draft pick from the Dallas Cowboys:

It sure looks like Kneeland was ecstatic to hear he was going to be the newest member of the Dallas Cowboys.

On to Round 3!

The Cowboys are back on the clock in the third round with the 73rd-overall pick!

And with the 73rd-pick the Dallas Cowboys select Cooper Beebe!

Learn more about the newest member of the Cowboys’ offensive line:

Watch Beebe’s reaction to the news surrounded by friends and family:

What else does the third round have in store for the Dallas Cowboys?

For the final time tonight, the Dallas Cowboys are on the clock! And with the 87th-pick, the Cowboys select Marist Liufau!

Learn more about the new linebacker in Dallas:

That concluded all of the Dallas Cowboys action on Day 2 of the NFL draft. It may be a long wait tomorrow before we see the next pick. Will the Cowboys try to trade up to get a pick in the fourth? Tune in tomorrow to find out!


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