X (formerly Twitter) reacts to all of the Cowboys action on the final day of the NFL Draft

It was a very long morning/afternoon for Cowboys fans tuning into the third day of the NFL Draft. The entire fourth round came and went without any trades or movement inside of the Cowboys’ war room. It was a struggle for fans watching live, but we eventually made it!

During the fourth round, with the 49er’s selected a new safety with the pick acquired from the Cowboys in the Trey Lance trade.

Cowboys fans also watched as lots of RB options were wiped off of the board.

Finally after hours of waiting, the Dallas Cowboys are on the clock!!

And with the 174th-pick in the NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select Caelen Carson!

Take a closer look at the newest CB in Dallas:

Looks like there could be a new music group in the Cowboys’ secondary.

On to round six!

And with the 216th-pick, the Dallas Cowboys select Ryan Flournoy!

Learn more about the newest weapon for Dak Prescott.

We’ve made it to the final round in the NFL Draft and the Cowboys have two more picks to go!

And with the 233rd-pick, the Dallas Cowboys select Nathan Thomas!

Take a closer look at the evaluation of the 223rd-pick:

And with their final pick in the 2024 NFL Draft with pick number 244, the Dallas Cowboys added a big body on the interior of the defensive line by selecting Justin Rogers.

Learn more about the new Cowboys’ DT.

That concludes the 2024 NFL Draft! How do you think the Cowboys did with their eight picks?

Now let the UDFA frenzy begin!


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