Cowboys coaching staff: 3 teams request interviews with defensive line coach Aden Durde

The state of the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff on the defensive side of the ball is in a sort of interesting place right now. At the moment everything rests on whether or not the Seattle Seahawks or Washington Commanders prefer Quinn to be their team’s next head coach – he seems to be a top candidate for each – given that they are the final two units who have yet to pick a new skipper. Should Quinn not receive one of their offers then it stands to reason that he would return to Dallas to serve a fourth year as the Cowboys defensive coordinator.

We have reached a point though where Quinn is no longer the lone Cowboys defensive staffer with interest from other teams. ESPN’s Todd Archer reported on Friday that the Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Rams and Atlanta Falcons have all expressed interest in hiring defensive line coach Aden Durde.

As Archer notes, Durde worked with Dan Quinn and Raheem Morris in Atlanta. The former used to coach the Falcons and the latter is the person who will do so moving forward.

Morris’ old team does have an opening at defensive coordinator now though with him departing, as do the Packers given the dismissal of Joe Barry. It remains to be seen what positions each team has interest in Durde in, but if it were at the coordinator spot obviously that would be a promotion and something that the Cowboys could not block.

If and when Dan Quinn gets one of the Seahawks or Commanders jobs, it is logical to assume that he would take some defensive staffers with him and potentially even Durde which would throw a hypothetical fourth team into the mix. Obviously if Quinn left then Dallas themselves would also have an opening at defensive coordinator and could consider Durde themselves.


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