Cowboys free agent Stephon Gilmore discusses why he hasn’t signed with a team

When Ezekiel Elliott came back into the Cowboys building he quickly picked up his original number 21 jersey and everyone rejoiced at the idea they could reopen their 21’s from the cupboard. That all changed when Zeke and the Dallas Cowboys announced he would wear number 15, a number he wore during his time at Ohio State. When this happened it opened speculation as whether another player who once wore 21 would be coming back, Stephon Gilmore.

In recent news Gilmore says he’s waiting for the right time to choose which team he plays for this season. He also made a statement where he mentions his family commitments and wanting to pick a team when the time is right. Given his age (33), playing such a prominent role last year, and also following the path other aged veterans have taken in the past, this makes sense. A reason why Gilmore remains on the market and has yet to be signed could be based on the fact that he wants to be patient. How long he waits is unknown, but older veterans in the past have waited until the season is underway to commit.

The Cowboys have seen this before when T.Y. Hilton waited for some of the regular season to see which team would be a playoff contender and then quickly sign with Dallas and begin practicing late in the season.

For now, it looks like to start the season the cornerback position in Dallas will be without Gilmore. It will consist of Trevon Diggs who is coming back from injury, DaRon Bland (who broke a single-season record last year) and Jourdan Lewis who signed a one-year deal in the offseason. Keep a close eye on the cornerbacks behind the obvious starting three, Caelen Carson, Eric Scott, Nahshon Wright and the other UDFA cornerbacks, who will now all look to fight for a role.


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