Dallas Cowboys fail to make the correct choice and keep Mike McCarthy instead

It was announced on Wednesday that the Cowboys would not be making a head-coaching change, confirming Mike McCarthy will return as the head coach in the 2024 season.

Despite going 1-3 in the playoffs throughout his tenure in Dallas, Jerry Jones still has confidence that McCarthy is the answer in Dallas. The Cowboys loss to the Packers was brutal, but Jerry had this to say in a statement released to the media:

Certainly, Mike’s career has demonstrated post season success at a high level, and we have great confidence that can continue.

McCarthy’s playoff success as of late is not as readily apparent, and he is coming off a 48-32 loss against the seventh seeded Green Bay Packers. It can be argued that McCarthy is one of the main people to blame for the loss. The team looked undisciplined and underprepared for the Packers.

Mike McCarthy has brought success in the regular season for the Cowboys, going 12-5 in three consecutive seasons. However, he has failed to produce when it matters most, despite having an abundance of talent on the roster.

The Cowboys failure is amplified because this offseason there are several attractive head coaching candidates on the market. Jim Harbaugh is coming off a national championship with Michigan, and has interviewed with both the Los Angeles Chargers and the Atlanta Falcons. While he hasn’t been in the NFL in several years, he made the Super Bowl coaching the 49ers and brings a proven track record of NFL experience. Bill Belichick is also currently interviewing with teams. The coach with the most Super Bowl wins in league history is on the market, so there’s a solid argument that he could take this Cowboys roster deeper in the playoffs than the divisional round. Mike Vrabel is also an attractive fit for the Cowboys. He did more than expected in his tenure with the Tennessee Titans, and could bring the toughness and discipline that the Cowboys are currently lacking.

Mike McCarthy has felt like a significant upgrade from Jason Garrett’s tenure as the coach of the Dallas Cowboys. However, it still hasn’t been enough for the ultimate goal of the franchise. It isn’t enough for a team still looking to make the conference championship for the first time since the 1995 season. The Cowboys so far have wasted a potential Super Bowl window, and they are being too patient with their current head coach and refusing to make the hard choices that come with making a significant change to win now.


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