Poll: Who are you rooting for in Super Bowl LVIII?

The Dallas Cowboys will not be playing in the Super Bowl. Sigh.

While we are certainly frustrated that the Cowboys are not playing, we will all likely be watching all of or some of the Super Bowl next Sunday afternoon. Nobody is saying you have to have a rooting interest, but odds are that you prefer one team to win over the other.

A Dallas Cowboys fan’s case for rooting for the Chiefs

Honestly the best argument for rooting for the Chiefs is that they are not the 49ers. But there is a little bit more meat on the bone if you are interested.

In terms of when they originally began as an AFL team, the Chiefs began as the Dallas Texans. They would rebrand and move to Kansas City, but they are a former professional Dallas-based football team.

Beyond that, the Chiefs have an all-time quarterback in Patrick Mahomes and perhaps you simply want to witness greatness as far as it can be pushed. People have made this argument for other teams across all sports when it comes to picking a side.

On the subject of Mahomes, it is worth mentioning that he is a Texas native and has plenty of previous tweets prior to joining the NFL where he expressed fandom related to the Dallas Cowboys. Relatively speaking, he is one of us.

A Dallas Cowboys fan’s case for rooting for the 49ers

This is a hard sell and I am not going to try very hard to make it.

Once upon a time the main reason behind rooting against the 49ers would have been to avoid them reaching six Super Bowl wins before the Cowboys; however, we now live in a world where the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots each have six so this does not seem to bother me too much personally. Perhaps you agree.

The real salt in rooting for San Francisco is that they are the hump that Dallas cannot get over. Call it bitterness if you want, but rooting for the team who owns you is tough to ask.

But maybe you want the 49ers to win it all so that Dallas can be inspired by a rival climbing to the top of the mountain. Or maybe you have a family member who likes them. Heck, maybe you simply admire their style of play and believe it should be rewarded.

These are the two choices. The floor is yours.


Who are you rooting for in Super Bowl LVIII as a Dallas Cowboys fan?

  • 81%

    Kansas City Chiefs

    (346 votes)

  • 18%

    San Francisco 49ers

    (81 votes)

427 votes total

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