The Dallas Cowboys have agreed to terms with Mike Zimmer as their defensive coordinator

It took longer than it felt like it needed to, but it has happened.

Mike Zimmer is the newest defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys.

Word broke last Thursday evening that the Cowboys were on the road to hiring Zimmer, but that came with the caveat that nothing was officially official. Super Bowl weekend unfolded and nothing came about except for Rex Ryan saying publicly why he was interested in the job. Monday even saw confusion arise as to whether or not Ryan was legitimately back in the race for the position.

But that is all over. Mike Zimmer is now the newest defensive coordinator as both sides agreed to terms, so all of the thoughts and feelings that you had about the idea beforehand are now legitimate and viable.

This was a very weird situation near the end, but at the very least it is now finally over. The Cowboys can move on.


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