Weber Ranch Distillery disrupts the vodka industry

Wheat, corn, potatoes and now agave. All things that vodka can be made from.

“We wanted to do something, crazy,” mused master distiller Antonio Rodriguez.

That crazy idea turned into Weber Ranch Vodka, an agave-based vodka “Born in Jalisco, Crafted in Texas.”

“It comes from the history of the founders of this company,” Rodriguez says.

The vodka company was founded under parent company Round 2 Spirits, which was created by former Patrón executives who brought on Rodriguez for his decades of experience in spirits production of tequila.

Weber Ranch Vodka

The unique vodka starts in Jalisco, Mexico where the Blue Weber agave is harvested after spending seven years under the sun. The agave is distilled in Mexico to 90 proof and then brought to Munster, Texas where it is distilled again to 190 proof.

“We are not in any rush,” said Rodriguez. “We are not cutting any corners.”  

A bespoke copper pot and column stills are used to distill and add water from the local Trinity Aquifer to make the final product that is bottled in the same building.

This unique approach to the classic spirit creates a flavor profile with a rounded finish, a smooth mouthfeel and citrus flavors from the agave plant, Rodriguez explains.

Rodriguez says the spirit “sits right in between.”

After receiving consumer feedback, the company found that those who enjoy vodka like the unique take and those who enjoy tequila like seeing how far the agave can go.

“Is it tequila? Is it vodka? We can sit and talk about that for hours…Just give it a try and let me know what you think,” said Rodriguez.

The vodka was launched on May 7 and can now be found in stores in Texas, California, Florida and New York or online at


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